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Boris Blum has spent over 25 years working closely with successful entrepreneurs and Ultra High Net Worth families. He's no stranger to the unique challenges these individuals face. In fact, he's known as the "CEO Consiglieri" and has walked the path of an entrepreneur, turnaround expert, and investor throughout his life. While his academic achievements are substantial, it's his in-the-trenches experience, both with success and failure, that truly sets him apart.

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The Productivity Challenge is a Six Week Program designed to teach participants the ART and Science behind Taking Action. Participants learn the difference between various types of actions, which ones to take and more importantly which ones to avoid. These Pillars and Principles of Success have been used by extremely successful, high performers to consistently raise their game and Improve their personal and professional lives.


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A Trusted Expert in Business and Finance

Real-World Experience

Boris has seen decisions that were "Life Changing" and where failure simply wasn't an option. This experience informs his approach to making critical decisions, especially in uncertain times.

A Student of High Performance

Always learning and pushing boundaries. He's not just an advisor; he's an optimal performance coach, guiding CEOs and their teams to reach their full potential.

BOSS Framework

A Framework for empowering organizations to align their Culture and Strategy around a compelling Vision. It enables organizations to communicate and coordinate the activities and focus of their people on what matters most, executing the organizations Strategy.

A distinguished professional

Dedication and expertise have earned him numerous accolades. Beyond his business achievements, he's made a significant impact on the community by serving on the boards of various charities and organizations. Boris is a relentless advocate for lifelong learning and holds multiple prestigious certifications:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Certified in Family Business Advising (CFBA)
  • Certified Value Growth Advisor (CVGA)
  • Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF)
  • Masters in Financial Services (MSFS)
  • Numerous designations and Certifications related to Insurance, Investments, Wealth Management, Estate, Tax and Asset Protection

As a CEO of a Family Office and Recognized Business Strategist, Boris has managed numerous complex family business structures involving Trusts and Family Foundations. Boris has extensive experience in various business sectors including Retail, Ecommerce, Financial and Banking Services, Distribution, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Property Management. His expertise extends to Asset Protection and Tax Mitigation Strategies, Wealth Management including Insurance, Investments, Real Estate and Hard Assets.